Can I buy a car from a bankrupt?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Are you asking if you can buy a car from a bankrupt company? If so, then the answer is yes. For example, you can still buy a Pontiac even though the company has gone bankrupt because they still need to sell their remaining automobiles that are left in inventory.

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Q: Can I buy a car from a bankrupt?
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Can you buy a car after bankrupt?

NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! are u insane

Where can you buy a car if you are bankrupt?

Most new car dealerships have a secondary department that specializes in bankruptcy's. I know mine does.

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My car was repoed can i file bankrupt and get it back?


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yes u can

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No! It is a thriving car company...

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The company went bankrupt in 2001.

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Car salesmen are not exactly an esteemed profession! Nor are they expected/needed to have any particular financial ability. Many would argue that to be a successful one you actually need to be morally bankrupt. Financially in turmoil too.

How can you title a bankrupt car?

Cars don't go bankrupt - people, on the other hand, do - sometimes because of the car they bought. If you failed to make the payments on it, you have no right to the title - the lienholder does, as well as the right to repossess what is their property. So the short answer is that you don't.

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