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Yes, you can substitute the 205/75-15 for the 215/70-15.

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Q: Can 205 75R 15 tires substitute for 215 70R 15 tires?
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Are 215 70R tires interchangeable with 215 60R?

Yes, they are

Can you put 205- 70r-15 tires on your 1998 Taurus?

Yes, that is a common size for that car.

Are 205 70R 15 tires interchangeable with 215 60R 15?

No. There is 4.34% difference in the diameter which is too much. Your speedometer will be off 3 mph. 195/70-15 would be a better swap for 215/60-15 tires. It will only be 2.3% off and the speedometer will be off only 1.4 mph.

Is it acceptable to replace the 205-65r 15 inch tires on a 2006 Chevy Malibu with 205 - 70r 15 tires?

No, if you are going to a 70 series tire then you will need to go with 195/70-15.

What is the tire size for 2004 Mazda MPV?

all season radials usually have 215-65R-15 tire size. Other sizes that also work are 205-70R-15 or 205-75R-15

Will a 215 65R 15 tire fit on a 215 70R 16 wheel?

No it will not. If I understand your question correctly, the tire you are looking at is 15" in diameter and your rim is 16" in diameter. You need to buy tires that are made for your diameter wheel, 16".

What tire size for 87 El Camino?

205- 70R -15.

Will 215 70r 15 tires fir a 1992 cavalier z24?

Technically, yes. Your speedo will be way off however. Those tires will be a lot taller than what the computer is set up for. It will show that you are going much slower than you actually are.

Tire size for a 2004 Chevy Venture?

215 x 70R 15

What size tires does a Hyundai Atos have?


Can you replace 195-70r-14 with 195-55r-15 tires?

NO, the rim size is different.

What is tire size on 2001 Hyundai Santa Fe?

The original tires are 225/70R 16