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Q: Brazil uses sugarcane and gasoline to produce a fuel for cars called what?
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Brazil uses sugarcane and gasoline to produce a fuel for cars called what mixed up it spells shaloog but what is the word?

the gas that Brazil makes from sugercane and gasoline and mixed up as shaloog is gasohol

What does Brazil use for automobile fuel?

Basiccaly the same as the other countries.Brazil uses gasoline, GNV gas, and ethonal made from sugar cane (this kind of fuel, called Etanol, is starting to be exported for other countries, such as the United States, after an agreement made between the Brazilian and American government for the use of this fuel, that is less pollutant than those made with Petrol)that's why Brazil developed the bi-flex technology for cars, making them able to use gasoline and alcohol in the same car.Nowadays, there are already tri-flex cars in the streets. They work with three different fuels.

In Brazil people sometimes use car fuel made from sugar?

It's called ethenyl. It is an highly flammable alcohol that is made from corn, grains, or sugar. It is mixed with gasoline on a 15% gasoline to 85% ethenyl ratio to make E85. All gasolines are at least 10% ethenyl and called E10. Most of today's auto manufactures produce vehicles that are compatible with E85 and E10, called "Flex Fuel" vehicles. In Brazil the gas stations only sell E85 and diesel, so all of their cars have to be made compatible to run with E85.

What is fermented sugarcane extract called?


How does petroleum produce electricity?

You burn it. They put it through a process called predothermia. it then turns to a thick liquid and then a different processes convert it to, for example, gasoline and then you burn that product and produce electricity.

What is their money Called in Brazil?

its called Brazil Dollars

Can maize be used to make petrol?

Not exactly. Petrol (called "gasoline" in the US) is made only from petroleum, the black crude oil which is pumped from the ground and is considered a fossil fuel. Maize (corn) can, however, be used to make ethanol, which automobiles can use to run quite effectively. Brazil is a nation which is converting its entire automobile fleet to use 100% ethanol as a fuel, although most of theirs is produced from sugarcane.

Does gasoline produce smaller hydrocarbons?

Gasoline is composed of a mixture of hydrocarbons having 6 to 9 carbon atoms, some linear some cyclic. The laboratory standard "gasoline" used for quality comparison is 100% pure linear octane (i.e. 8 carbon atoms). When burned in an engine with a shortage of oxygen, it does produce smaller hydrocarbons called "unburned hydrocarbons" that contribute to smog.

What are Brazil nuts called in Telugu?

what is a brazil nut called in telugu

Where is the capital of Brazil located?

There is no capital city called Brazil. There is a capital city called Brazília, which is the capital city of Brazil.

What is the difference between gasoline and petrol?

There is none. Petrol is the Anglo word for gasoline, gasoline is the American word for petrol.

Why is the Sugar Bowl called Sugar Bowl?

Was the home of an old sugarcane plantation