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I had one do this and I had to change the brake calipers. Problem was gone.

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Q: Brakes sticking on and smell of burning already replaced the abs pump and put on new brakes and its gone and done it again?
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Why do your brakes smell like burning rubber I have replaced the brakes but there is a really bad smell of burning rubber after just a short driving period What could be causing this?

If a calliper is "hanging", it could be causing the brake pads to press against the rotor and overheat the brakes. You may want to see if the calliper is dragging.

Why are your brakes not reacting?

master cylinder is sticking

How do you stop brakes from sticking?

spray pam on them

Front brakes are dragging replaced pads rotors calipers and lines but brakes still drag what could it be?

It's rare....because usually the master cylinder will allow pressure to bleed off. Not the other way around. But if you have replaced the calipers, this is the next thing I would check. I suppose it could be sticking.

Both front brakes sticking on 98 f150 after pad change replaced rubber lines did not help. starts out fine but the more you drive it the worse it gets?

seized calipers?

When accelerating the car pulls steady right and when braking the car jerks suddenly left and smells like burning brakes?

Have your brake system inspected. Sounds like you have a caliber sticking.

Would your brakes smell like rubber burning if the master cylinder needed to be replaced?

I advise you to perform a careful examination of your car's brake system.

Can hot brakes cause a tire fire?

If brakes are sticking and you drive for a long distance, then yes

What happens when the brakes are worn on only one side of the car?

your brakes are sticking need servicing asap

Why do the brakes not release when foot off pedal?

When brakes will not release when a foot is off the pedal, this is called sticking. There are various reasons for brakes sticking, but the most common involve an obstruction with the brake cable or the brake pads physically sticking to the drums or rotors. The safest way to remedy this problem is to have a professional inspect the vehicle.

98 dodge durango What is wrong when the brakes get stuck what can be done or what needs to be changed?

There is brake hardware and lubrication that needs to be replaced. The brake hardware and lubrication that goes on the hardware allows for the brakes to easily release. Now you may want to check to see if your calipers are sticking, or even check to see if the wheel cylinders for your rear brakes are frozen. I am a Brakes Plus Employee.

Why are the front brakes sticking on your 1992 Ford F250 after you have replaced brake rotors pads calipers brake hoses and master cylinder?

have you tried the proportioning valve. sometimes dirt will get in there and clog the returns.