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motorist services

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Q: Blue signs are used to indicate what to drivers?
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What do blue signs with lettering indicate?

Blue signs with lettering typically indicate informational signage, such as signs for rest areas, hospitals, or service facilities. They are often used for direction and guidance purposes on highways and roadways.

What is a blue flag in motor racing?

In F1 and most circuit racing, blue flags are used to indicate to a driver that a faster car is approcahing from behind to lap him. The driver is then expected to yield. Blue flags(some places, blue lights) are also used at the pit exit, to indicate to drivers leaving the pit, that there is a car approaching on the track.

What type of symbol is used to indicate a major heading?

A blank line before the major heading and a blank line after the heading is an indicator on the document as the heading. And the number signs used to indicate numbers are dots.

What is blue used on many electoral maps to indicate states that tend to favor?


When signal lights are not working drivers should stop and follow the procedures used at an intersection controlled by?

Stop signs

What color is not typically used for informational signs green purple blue or brown?


Curb marking are used to indicate rules for parking blue marking inicate what?

disabled parking

When using square root Is it used to indicate a positive square root is called scientific notation or radical signs?

No, there is no such requirement or convention.

What are some road signs used for?

There are a wide range of road signs that are used for various reasons. There are stop signs to warn people to stop at intersections, Yield signs so that one will yield to oncoming traffic, Deer Crossing signs to warn of areas where there might be deer crossing the road as well as Speed Limit signs to warn drivers of the allowed speed in a designated area.

What colour are the road signs for motorways?

This depends on the country. For example, in Australia, signboards generally have green backgrounds. Brown backgrounds indicate tourist destinations, and there are also those with blue backgrounds. In other countries, the speed limit sign might have a white background, while signs indicating works on the road may have orange backgrounds. With such a variety of colours, it really depends. Black is probably not used, as it it hard to see anyway.

When did ford first use the blue oval?

1913 ford dealer ships used for signs dumb

What is litumus paper used to indicate?

Litmus paper is used to indicate whether a substance is acidic or basic. Blue litmus paper turns red in the presence of an acid, while red litmus paper turns blue in the presence of a base.