Auto mechanic work schedule

Updated: 4/28/2022
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varies on where you work. some auto mechanics work only a few hours and some pull in 80 or more hours a week. It runs along the same lines as some get paid hourly and some only get commission.

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Q: Auto mechanic work schedule
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For an auto mechanic what is the work environment?

enviroment for auto mechanic?

What areas of work offer the chance to work as an auto mechanic?

The only real area of work that offers the chance to work as an auto mechanic, is auto repair. No other profession will have the knowledge and training necessary to maintain and repair motor vehicles.

What are the requirements needed to become an auto mechanic?

Yes, auto mechanics does have to finish schooling to be a licensed auto mechanic. You don't have to have schooling to work as a mechanic but if something goes wrong with someone's car then you would be liable like a licensed mechanic.

How much money does an auto mechanic in Australia earn?

How much an auto mechanic earns in Australia depends on their experience and where they work. Experienced auto techs can earn up t0 45k per year.

Where can you work with auto mechanic experience?

you can work at a car shop,motorcycles and any thing that has to do with machines

How many hours does an average auto mechanic work?

An average auto mechanic usually works for eight hours five days a week. There are, however, those who work for more than 8 hours and work on Saturdays and Sundays on an overtime basis.

What licensing do you need to be a auto mechanic?

you don't need a license, the garage you work for carries the license.

What does a auto mechanic have to wear to work?

Some wear uniforms, many wear whatever you choose.

When Auto mechanic is asked to do it for free?

If your boss asked you to work for free today what would you say?

What are some good work at home businesses?

Some good and simple work at home business are accounting, telemarketing, crafting, small parts mechanic, bookkeeping, auto mechanic (minor repairs) and woodworking.

What is the monthly salary for auto mechanic?

The average monthly salary for a car mechanic falls between 3,000-4,000 dollars. Mechanic's that work on high profile vehicles can make up to 6,000 dollars month.

What kind of education is needed to become an auto mechanic?

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