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The auto body repair duties include removing, replacing and repairing the damaged parts of motor vehicles. The auto body repair mechanics usually get into the job after undergoing training in vehicle mechanics.

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Q: Auto body repair job description
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What is the job description of an auto parts specialist?

An auto parts specialist is responsible for maintaining parts inventory and pertinent records. He works with numbers of mechanics and shop foremen. An auto parts specialist also orders and purchases the automotive parts for large facilities.

How much is an average paint job paint job cost?

Well for a good one 600-800 if you go to macco you can get one for 200-300 but you will not be happy! Custom 1500-anything. If you don;t need any auto body work done and you are looking for a decent paint job that will last several years, MAACO does good work. Pay a little more for two stage and you will get a nice job done.

Does a petrol diesel mix in a diesel vehicle increase fuel economy?

No way ! Do not mix petrol with diesel it will ruin your diesel engine and be a very costly repair job.

What is an auto head job?

An auto head job usually includes replacement of exhaust valves, machining of valves & seats, replacement of valve guides, valve stem seals, measuring and truing the deck surface if warped. The goal is to keep the valves moving straight, the head to seal against the block properly, and keep oil from being sucked into the combustion chamber. If anything is wrong in these areas you car will not run well at all.

What are the competencies for becoming a auto mechanic?

There are dozens - perhaps hundreds - of individual competencies required to be an auto mechanic. In short, an auto mechanic should be able to diagnose, disassemble, measure, compare to specifications, replace needed parts, and reassemble an entire automobile. This includes performing these services on all subsystems of the automobile including engines, transmissions, axles, HVAC (heating, ventilation, air conditioning), steering, brakes, suspension and electrical. This does not include body work such as body repair, frame straightening or painting as these services are performed by auto body mechanics.The National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence has divided these competencies into 8 general categories. Their website at WWW.ASE.COM lists them all and has study materials which include sample test questions to show the aspiring mechanic what is needed in each category. These categories are:Engine RepairAutomatic Transmission/TransaxleManual Drivetrain and AxlesSuspension and SteeringBrakesElectricalHeating and Air ConditioningEngine PerformanceBase competencies for each category would include:Diagnosing each system by inspecting, measuring, using test equipment specific to the task and comparing the results to specificationsComplete disassembly of the components of the systemsMeasuring and testing each component to determine if any need to be replaced or have some machining operation performed on themSelecting specific replacement components to meet specificationsReassembling all of the components in the systemSome of these tasks are performed by speciality shops. For example, most mechanics do not rebuild engines or transmissions. They remove them, send them to a speciality shop to be rebuilt, and install a rebuilt engine or transmission. Alignments are also usually sublet to speciality shops due to the cost of alignment equipment.It is the employer that ultimately determines what his mechanics must be able to do. With the complexity of today's vehicles, few shops can afford all of the equipment needed to perform all diagnosis and repairs on all systems. Those that can usually have dedicated mechanics in the shop that do speciality repairs only.If you want to become a mechanic, there is no better place to start than enrolling at a technical college with a good automotive program. They have all of the latest equipment and instructors trained by auto manufacturers to make sure that graduates have the qualifications needed to get a job.

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How much on average to get a complete auto body paint & repair job?

A paint job will usually cost between 350 to 700$. Body repair is just a general term and the price depends upon the extent of the work needed.

What auto repair shop offers the best brake job?

If you are looking for an auto repair shop that offers the best brake job because your son needs the brakes in his car replaced, then you should check out Auto Repair.

Where can I find auto repair price estimates?

Usually you can find some auto repair price estimates by calling or emailing an auto shop or asking online for a repair estimate for the particular job and vehicle.

What is the job description for a surgeon?

operating on the human body

What kind of skills are required for auto body jobs?

There are a few types of skills one would need in order to find an auto body job. One would need either some previous experience in the field or a degree in automotive repair.

What kind of schooling do I need to become an auto body repairman?

Programs in auto body repair are usually offered by tech and vo-ed schools. It is not uncommon that someone learns the trade on-the-job. Formal training would increase the opportunities for someone who had not been around the business. This site gives a directory of auto body training programs:

Job Description for hotel PBX operator is?

The job description of a Hotel PBX Operator is:- Maintains, control, configure, set-up, manages, troubleshoot or repair a PBX phone system.

Where can I get a brake auto repair job?

Midas and Pro Muffler and Brake Shop are both great places to get your brake auto repair done. They will not make you get more repairs than you need and can do a fast job. It would be cheaper though, if you could do the repair yourself as it is not an expensive part or a difficult task.

What are the top repair shops that do front brake repair?

The best shop for front brake repair would be auto zone. Auto zone does a good job and are fair on price. There's always one around no matter where you leave.

Where can a person go to get the cheapest muffler repair in Toronto?

There are many places to purchase an inexpensive muffler repair job in Toronto. Some options for cheap muffler repair include Cam's Auto Service, Midas, and Sunnyside Auto.

Where can I find a school that will train me for an auto repair career?

An auto repair career usually involves an apprenticeship. This can take up to 4 years whilst you learn on the job. If you are in Australia, you may like to contact your local job services Australia provider.

How do you rate the best auto repair shops ?

Certain factors to consider when rating auto repair shops include the amount of time it takes to complete the job; the honesty of the company; and the quality of the work.

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