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The engine will run inefficiently.

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Q: Ask us anythingJoel has noticed that his engine is not compressing properly during the compression and ignition step. What problem will this pose?
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What happens when the engine is not compressing properly during the compression and ignition step?

Performance, horse power and fuel mileage will suffer.

Why gasoline is not used in diesel engines?

Gasoline does not combust properly, or at all, in a compression ignition engine. Gasoline is designed to be ignited by a spark.

You have 1998 ford mustang that will not start but is firing and has fuel pressure?

An internal combustion engine needs 3 things to run; if it has all three it HAS to run. 1. compression. If the cylinders are building compression properly, and the valves are properly timed, that requirement is satisfied. 2. ignition. If the spark is adequate and timed properly, that requirement is satisfied. 3. fuel. If the carburetor or injectors (whichever your engine has) is delivering fuel properly, that requirement is satisfied. If the engine isn't running you need to find out which requirement isn't being satisfied. The easiest to test would be fuel. Try using starting fluid to see if the engine will briefly run. If it does, you probably have a problem with fuel delivery. If THAT'S not the problem, check the compression. The compression should be even across all cylinders and somewhere around 90-is psi, but you should check with Ford to find out the expected pressure... I'm only guessing. If the compression is up, and the starting fluid didn't get the engine running briefly, the ignition may not be timed properly, check THAT with a timing light. If it's a problem with the ignition, the computer may have "thrown a code", and you can probably find out a lot of what's wrong by just running a computer diagnostic.

How can you diagnose poorly seated valves?

Run a compression test. If the valves are properly seating, the compression will be up.

What is the problem if the combustion chamber is not properly sealed?

that would be a compression problem.

How do you know if your Hyundai lantra 1600 engine is losing compression?

When a Hyundai is losing compression in its engine the car will not run properly. Symptoms of low compression are misfires, stalls, and overheating.

Your 95 eclipse has fire and fuel but wont start. what could be the problem?

Compression, the rings sealing properly? get a compression tester and follow the instructions.

What happens if points are not working properly on engine?

You will have poor or no ignition.

What is engine misfiring?

An engine misfiring simply means that one or more of the cylinders are not compressing and/or igniting the fuel mix like it should. This could be because of a malfunctioning fuel injector, spark plug, it could also be that there is not enough compression in the cylinder to ignite properly, and it could also be an electrical malfunction virtually anywhere wlse in the electrical system.

What software can test the quality of a file compression?

There are many pieces of software that can test the quality of a file compression software. The file compression software itself can give a percentage of compression, as well as a verification of whether it is compressed properly. One can also check the 'checksum' of the file.

1996 Toyota Tacoma won't start when hot?

After extensive diagnosis of fuel and ignition system, I solved my 1996 Tacoma hot start problem by having the valve clearances set properly. Tight valves cause compression loss and hard starting when the engine is hot.

How long should an electronic ignition switch last?

If designed properly, indefinitely.