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Q: Ask us anythingCorn sugar algae and sewage can be used as fuel for engines. These are all examples of?
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What are the influences of sewage on the river habitat?

The primary influence of sewage on the river habitat is an massive increase in bacteria levels. This can rapidly kill a variety of wildlife and increase algae levels.

What is the role of algae bacteria symbiosis in oxidation pond?

Oxidation Ponds treat wastewater through the interaction of sunlight, bacteria and algae. Algae grow using energy from the sun and carbon dioxide and inorganic compounds released by bacteria in water. During the process of photosynthesis, the algae release oxygen needed by aerobic bacteria. Again bacteria digest sewage by decomposing it and releases CO2 and inorganic compounds needed for growth of algae. Thus Sewage is digested by bacteria by decomposing it. The cycle and relation between bacteria and algae for food is known as algae bacteria symbiosis.

What examples of mutulism?

lichens and algae.

What are examples of mutulism?

lichens and algae.

Algae and euglena are examples of what?


Examples non seed plant?

examples are algae, moss or a fern

What are examples of an algae?

There are many kinds of algae-Green algae like Chlorella, Desmids, Spirogyra, etc.Brown algae like Laminaria and Fucus.Red algae include Chondrus and Diatoms.

What are examples of true bacteria?

algae, fungus

What are examples of producers in the ocean?

Algae, Seaweed

What are the examples of runner?

fern,mildew,and algae

What is being done about eutrophication in the torrens?

Bacteria and protozoa can be added to degrade the organic compounds in human waste/sewage (which most probably caused eutrophication), and when the sewage is removed the algae will no longer be able to grow.

What is an example of blue green algae?

zygnema and spirogyra are examples of filamentous algae