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As a first-time offender convicted of DUI/OWI, you could face As a first-time offender convicted of DUI/OWI, you could face

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Q: As a first-time offender convicted of DUIOWI what could face?
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As a firsttime offender convicted of DUI OWI you could face?

c. both

As a first-time offender convicted of DUI you could face?

One year drivers license suspension in Oregon

Is urinating in public in Wisconsin a sexual offense?

Urinating in a public place can be considered a sexual offense. You could be charged with indecent exposure or public lewdness. If you are convicted you may have to register as a sex offender.

As a first-time offender convicted of DUI you could face what in state of Florida?

SIx month loss of drivers license and option to attend classes. POSSIBLE hardship limitation to license considered if you can show cause why.

What could be done to a 17 year old if he gets a 14 year old pregnant?

He could be charged as an adult, convicted of sexual crimes, up to and including statutory rape, a felony, with prison time, and forced to register as a sex offender for the rest of his life.

How doese a Felony from another state affect your sentence in FL?

While the information that you are a convicted felon in another state may be ruled inadmissable at trial and the info withheld from the jury, if you are found guilty it CAN affect the decision on your sentence. Your status as a repeat offender felony offender WOULD be known to the judge at time of sentencing and COULD have a bearing on the sentence that you are given.

If an Alabama convicted drug offender fled to another state will that person be extradited back to Alabama?

If he has been convicted of a felony offense, any state will extradite him. There are very few foreign countries he could go to which would not happily send him home to Alabama . And in most of those countries, he had better not get caught with drugs. They have sentences like 'eternal incarceration.'

Is it normal to want to kiss my sisters friends butt cheeks?

Could this make you a Sex offender?

Can you marry someone convicted of injury to a child?

i guess you could....

What happens after a person is convicted of abduction?

They could go to jail for that

What is a person that has committed a crime on a regular basis called?

They could be called a habitual criminal or a re-offender.

Is it against the law to kill pandas?

Yes, it is. In China, the offender could actually receive the death sentence.