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Q: As a defensive driver you should check your mirrors?
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In a defensive driving course instructor Terry Earwood suggests you to check your mirrors every 3 to what second?


You should check your car mirrors?


Driver side seat in 98 Lincoln navigator wont move forward or backwards help?

driver seat and power mirrors is not working...what to check for??

What should you do Before changing lanes you should?

Check your mirrors and signal your intentions.

Where can one find information on how to set your car mirrors to avoid blind spots?

Even with well-placed mirrors, one should always check for vehicles before changing lanes. However, one can find tips for setting car mirrors on the websites of Car and Driver, Car Talk, and Life Hacker.

You should check your mirrors?

Once every 10 to 15 seconds

What should always check after you start your vehicle?

You should always check your gauges, seat belt, and mirrors after you start your car.

How many times should you check your mirrors when driving?

Every 5 to 7 seconds.

Drivers should check their mirrors every how many seconds?

About every 10 to 20 seconds

How often should you check your mirrors?

You should check your mirrors every 8-10 seconds and when entering a road way, changing lanes etc. You should also have your mirrors adjusted properly so you do not have to look over your shoulder to check them. There is no blind spot on a car. Move your mirror out, you'll see more stuff. There is info online about how to adjust your mirror so you don't have a blind spot. Once you do that, scan them often. What is the point of a mirror if you don't use it? edit: The guy that originally posted this is not correct. You should indeed check your mirrors every 8-10 seconds to see everything happening around you but there is no way to adjust the mirrors to eliminate the blind spot. You need special mirrors to eliminate the blind spot.

Should you Always adjust mirrors after adjusting your seat?

Whenever you are adjusting your seat you must check all mirrors in your car. If you don't have a clear view in the mirrors, then you must adjust them before you start driving. Always!

When changing lanes you should?

indicate left or right, it depends what side lane you want to go on then you should Check your mirrors, signal, check your blind spot and then proceed.