Are there more cars than people?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Q: Are there more cars than people?
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Do people buy cars or SUV more?

People buy cars more than SUV's. Specificly small Nissan cars.

When did people start spending so much time in cars?

when their cars have more features than their houses

Were cars in the 1950s' expensive?

Yes cars in the 1950s were more expensive than people could aford!

How many people die from cars?

More than 1000 day

Do more people day in the morning than night by the cars?

yes because need cars for work in day

Why do red cars get into more acccidents than any other cars?

Statistically, the people that buy red cars are not careful drivers and get into more accidents because of this. Its based on statistics.

What is a buss?

a big car that can hold more people than regular cars.

Where did people sell cars in the past?

more than likely at car dealerships.

How many people own cars in the world?

More than one billion

Why more people are choosing cars than motorcycles?

Because cars are safer than motorcycles. Yet although motorbikes can occaisnally be cheaper people choose the safer option (most of the time!)

What is the diamond on the road for?

it is a special lane for cars with more than two people in the car.

Which is more environmentally friendly trains or cars?

While trains give off more emissions than cars, they are actually more environmentally friendly than cars. This is because the train can carry very large groups of people, lowering the amount of vehicles are on the road.