Are sym scooters any good

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Q: Are sym scooters any good
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What types of products are produced by SYM?

SYM is the top producer of scooters, bikes, ATVs, e-scooters and Cubs. SYM is a company that is world wide and take their eco-responsibility seriously.

Are scooters good or not?


What are the good scooters and the bad scooters?

And district and Phoenix are the worst

Are slamm scooters small?

slamm scooters are a little small. if you are good at tricks its good and light

Are mambo scooters any good?

i have a mambo scooter and its dialed in sounds great and doesn't wobble

Which mobility scooters are good for the environment?

Any of them with electric motors are great for the environment. This site here will give you a good run down on some stats on them There are several enviromentally friendly scooters. Several manufacturers offer hybrid scooters that save energy.

What is the birth name of Igo Sym?

Igo Sym's birth name is Sym, Karl Julius.

Are grit scooters any good or not good?

The grips are OK and so are the fork. Its a bit more than a slam scooter but a lot lighter. The wheels are £60 together and I would recommend this to any beginner who wants to get good with scooters. its really light,strong ( because it cant fold) and cheaper than a nitro or a ninja!

What has the author William George Sym Sym written?

William George Sym Sym has written: 'Simple rules for the accurate diagnosis of diplopia' -- subject(s): Diplopia

Are Blazer Scooters good?

they are really strong and are good for beginners

Are crisp scooters good?

yes there wicked

How do you derestrict a SYM Jet50-Euro X?

hi there i have a sym jet 50 and i want to know the best way to deristrict it or to make it go faster does anyone have any surgestions?