Are straight pipes illegal

Updated: 4/28/2022
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yes they are because a few years ago there was a plot to blow up the president by terrorists planting bombs in the pipes in the president's limo the next time it was taken to be repaired. but they found out about it and since straight pipes are illegal because bombs can't curve they are only straight


The above is not correct. Straight pipes are illegal (in the U.S., at least), but they are illegal because of the loud noise they produce and because vehicles with straight pipes usually do not meet emissions standards.

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Q: Are straight pipes illegal
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Are straight pipes illegal in Georgia?


Why are straight pipes illegal in North Carolina?

Yes straight pipes are illegal in north carolina. IF your car or truck has to pass and imissions inspection. But if you don't have to pass imissions the noise that comes from straight pipes is not a big deal. Atleast not it my hometown.

Are straight pipes exhaust illegal in Indiana?

no it not alot of people are doing it and shop will do it

Are straight pipes illegal in Texas?

If your car and/or truck came with a Catalytic Converter from the factory then, yes. Vice Versa, if it did not, then no.

Your ford focus has a upgraded exhaust but you want more noise?

run straight pipes. illegal in many states. will lose torque, but will be very loud.

Are straight pipes on diesel pickup legal in Ohio?

are straight pipes on 2500 duramax legal in ohio

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Are straight pipes legal in Utah?


What is the loudest exhaust?

5 inch straight pipes with no catylatic converters. If it is a diesel, DPF delete and 6 inch straight pipes.

What is the best way to clean out on the inside straight pipes on a custom motorcycle?

The best way to clean out the inside of your custom motorcycle straight pipes is to remove the pipes and use a cleaning solvent and a rag with a long handled brush.

Should i put Straight pipes or flowmaster 40s on my truck?

if u want ur truck to be very loud the straight pipes would be the way to go but if you just want a go sound than the flowmaster 40s would be the way to go but dont get wrong the straight pipes sound great

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I believe so, yes.