Are radar detectors legal in Canada?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Some places they are technically legal.

Some places they have been outlawed. But this is a problem. In Canada it is legal to receive any radio transmission as long as you do not communicate the information gained to anyone. "Radar" detectors are simply a radio receiver. Laser detectors may be enforceable as illegal.

But I have seen cops only write tickets to radar detector users.

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Q: Are radar detectors legal in Canada?
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Are radar detectors legal in Arizona?

Radar detectors are legal. Radar scramblers however are NOT legal.

Is it legal in Nevada to sell Radar detectors?

Radar detectors are legal to use in Nevada, but as you stated they are illegal to sell.

In what states are radar detectors legal?

Radar detectors are legal to use for all non-commercial vehicles in 49 states. Washington, DC and Virginia are the only two states that radar detectors are banned in the United States. Radar detectors used in commercial vehicles are illegal.

Are radar detectors legal in Connecticut?


Are radar detectors legal in North Carolina.?

It's legal to use a radar detector in North Carolina.

Radar detectors in Connecticut?

If your asking if there legal, then yes.

Are radar detectors illegall in the state on Oklahoma?

Radar Detectors in Oklahoma: Radar detectors are legal to use in Oklahoma.Laser Jammers in Oklahoma: Laser jammers are illegal to use in Oklahoma.Courtesy of:

In which states are radar jammers legal?

Radar jammers/detectors are legal in every state but Virginia and the District of Columbia.

Is it legal to use Cobra radar detectors in IL?

"Yes, it is legal to own and use a Cobra radar detectors in IL, but it is illegal to use in commercial vehicles, so do not be driving a semi truck with it."

Are Radar Detectors legal in Virginia?

Nope! totally sucks too. However you can buy a stealth radar detector such as the Beltronics STI, which is not susceptible to radar detector detectors (RDD's). Cops in VA are equipped with RDD's to give tickets to those using them.

Are radar detectors legal in Georgia?

Yes, radar detectors are legal in Georgia, however there are laws about mounting objects on the windshield that may obstruct vision, so be careful in your method of mounting.

Can radar detectors tell you if a cop car is near you?

Only if he has his radar gun on. Radar detectors are not cop detectors.