Are flying cars in the market?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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There are scale models that have been tested and are flying, but as far as I know none are for sale to the public.

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Q: Are flying cars in the market?
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When are the first flying cars coming to the market?

they might be selling flying cars in 2010

Do flying cars reall?

are flying cars real

Does china have flying cars?

no china does not have flying cars

When are flying cars expected to be built?

Flying cars will be invented the day flying pigs are :)

Will there be a flying car in the future?

There are flying cars now. Google "Flying Cars".

Has cars that drive themselves been invented yet?

Cars that drive themselves have been invented but are not readily available in the market yet as it is still in testing however flying cars have recently been released.

Why aren't there flying cars in the world?

There are flying cars but not available for the general public.

Are their going to be flying cars in the future?

There are already flying cars. They are just not used in commonwealth.

It is 2009 and still no flying cars when will you get them?

There are several models iof "flying cars" available

Are there going to fliyng cars in the future?

Yes. But there are flying cars expected to come onto market by the end of 2011 (Search Terrafugia). There are also street legal autogyros and ultralights you can build from a kit.

Are flying cars real?

yes but you cant buy then yet because there is only one their trying to make more so they can b put on the market Flying cars have been around since the 1950's but they just never caught on. The only "flying car" I know of right now is the Terrafugia, AKA the "Roadable Aircraft"

Who made flying cars?

Josh Leopold did in 3 November 2010