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The reports are always current to date, as most are filled out on the day of the accident. The statistics of fatal car accidents are usually based on yearly totals.

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Q: Are fatal car accident reports current to date or reported annually?
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If a police officer hit you behind in the line of duty how do you sue?

If a police officer is involved in an accident while working and is at fault, the accident should be reported by another officer. There are no differences in the accident reports made with an officer involved in an accident. Any questions regarding a lawsuit against the officer should be asked directly to a lawyer.

Where can one read police accident reports?

One can find police accident reports on the official websites of the state. An example is the official website of New Jersey. One can read the police accident reports in .pdf form.

Can I purchase accident police reports in Hammond Indiana?

Accident reports are public records. The investigating agency can supply copies of the accident. Usually there is a small administrative fee. Be prepared with the date and location of the accident.

Can an insurance agency find out about a claim or accident even if there was no police involved or report on it when asked about your past accident history?

Yes, CLUE reports monitor anything paid by any insurance company regardless of a police report. Therefore, only if you reported the accident to the insurance company or they reported it. If you did not, and they did not, and there was no police report(for example you did some kind of direct negotiation or something) only then is there no way they are going to find out.

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Accident reports are usually filed with the police. They will interview the person and fill in the accident report using those details. A separate report is filed with the insurance company.

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