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the advantage diesel pickup trucks have is that they have been around for a while, the technology has been proven, and they are cheaper. The disadvantage is the gas mileage. Compare and decide for yourself.

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Q: Are diesel pickup trucks better than hybrid trucks?
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Do diesel trucks get better gas mileage than regular gas trucks?

Yes, diesel trucks generally get much better gas mileage than regular gas trucks. They even sometimes get better gas mileage than hybrid trucks.

Who sells used diesel pickup trucks in the North Carolina area? and will help you find dealer who sells used diesel pickup trucks in the North Carolina area. Additionally, you may be able to find used diesel pickup trucks on eBay or Craigslist.

Where can people buy diesel pickup trucks?

You can find diesel pickup trucks at many of the car dealerships. Sometimes you may have to order them as they may not necessarily be available on the site.

What car makes sell hybrid pickup trucks?

There are a couple auto makers out there that sell hybrid pickup trucks to the general public. Some examples that do include the following: Chevrolet, Ford and Dodge.

Any Diesel Trucks For Sale?

You can find used Diesel trucks for sale at Also try and

What is the top rated diesel engine for pickup trucks?


Where can I find a list of hybrid diesel truck makes and models and their rankings?

Hybrid diesel trucks are still just a concept right now. However, regular hybrid trucks do exist. Here is a site all about them:

What trucks are better for offroding diesel or gas?

Gas is better to use than diesel for trucks for offroading.

What is a good brand of pickup truck that is diesel powered?

One good brand of pickup trucks that is diesel powered is Ram. They are releasing the 2014 Ram 1500 EcoDiesel pickup truck that will be diesel powered.

What cars are diesel?

The type of vehicles that have a diesel engine are pickup trucks, vans, semi trucks, box trucks, some smaller cars such as sedans and also some suvs have diesel engines in them. The GMC sierra has an duramax diesel in it.

Get the Job Done with a Hybrid Pickup?

In the past, drivers who needed the cargo and towing capacity of a pickup truck were limited to gasoline or diesel models. Today, however, even these drivers can go green as several automobile manufacturers have developed hybrid pickup models. These vehicles provide the same performance characteristics as conventional models while delivering the eco-friendly fuel mileage of a hybrid. This technology is available in small, mid and full sized trucks.

Why are diesel trucks better than gasoline trucks?

Diesel trucks are generally better than gasoline trucks due to the fact that fuel is cheaper and you will pay significantly less at the pump. Diesel trucks also tend to have a high longevity in their life span and they run much cleaner than gasoline trucks. Diesel is the way to go overall for purchasing a truck.