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Yes, as they are in every state.

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Q: Are commercial truck drivers required to do a daily vehicle inspection report in California?
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Is a special drivers license required to be a cdl driver?

A commercial drivers license (cdl) is very different from a regular driving license. In order to obtain a cld you must pass rigorous testing including inspection and knowledge of a commercial vehicle.

Is it required to take drivers education in california?

It's required everywhere.

Are garbage truck drivers required to carry pretrip inspection book in the truck?

Garbage truck drivers are require to carry a pre-trip inspection book in their trucks. The pre-trip inspection should be filled out each day before leaving.

Im 20 years old and you have a California Commercial Drivers License can you drive out of California with your dad if he have a 5 years Commercial Drivers License?

He can drive outside of the state. You, however, cannot until you turn 21.

How to get a commercial driver's license?

Getting a commercial drivers license is no more difficult that getting a regular drivers license. To get one you have to pass a knowledge and skills test that consist of written, driven, and vehicle inspection. They offer schools to aid you in the preparation of these tests.

What is the age to get your drivers license in California?

The age you can get your drivers license in California is 16. You are however required to go through 6 hours of driving training to obtain your license.

Is insurance required to obtain a California Drivers license if applicant does not own a car?

You will need insurance to take your drivers test.

What is required to add a tanker endorsement to my current California Commercial drivers license?

It's just a written test, then you pay the duplicate license fee, plus any additional fees to add the endorsement.

What is commercial driving license?

A commercial drivers license is a drivers license to drive vehicles which have a vehicle weight rating of 26,001 lb or more for commercial use, or transports quantities of hazardous materials. It is also required for vehicles that are designed to transport 16 or more passengers, including the driver You can locate more information regarding a CDL (commercial drivers license) at

When you make your home in California or take a job here you must get a California drivers license within how many days?

There is no time limit since you are not required to get one at all.

What type of license is required for truck driving?

To operate a heavy truck one is required to have a Commercial Driving License (CDL). In Australia there are 5 different classes of licenses for heavy truck drivers.

CA driving age?

Drivers in California can obtain a license when they are sixteen years of age. A Driver's Education course is also required.