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Commercial truck drivers do commonly used CB Radios. As for Cobra CB Radios, the commonness would depend on where the professional truck is and if the Cobra CB Radios are offered and popular in that location.

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Q: Are cobra cb radios commonly used by commercial truck drivers?
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What can Cobra MicroTalk radios be used for?

Cobra MicroTalk radios are two way radios or walkie talkies that allow you to keep in contact with someone a certain distance away without making a phone call.

What is the purpose of Cobra 2-way radios?

The purpose of Cobra 2-way radios is functioning like a Walkie-Talkie. Its packaging is environmentally friendly and it is smaller. Some companies which are selling these aside from Cobra are Amazon, Buy Two Way Radios and Walmart to name a few.

What is the possible range of Cobra 2 way radios?

There are many models of Cobra two-way radios that have a range of 16 - 35 miles, that are priced from $40 up to $100. Some radios have additional features such as NOAA weather broadcasts, better batteries, multiple channel memory, and silent paging.

What return policy does Cobra have for CB radios?

It depends on where you purchased your Cobra Cb radio. If you purchased it from Radio Shack then they allow returns with the original receipt in hand.

Are Cobra walkie talkies considered a desirable brand?

"Cobra has been making two way radios for a long time. They can be considered as one of the very first makers. However, it is all preference. Some people find Cobra radios worth it, while others do not. You can always purchase them and try them out risk free. If they don't work for you, you can always get a refund."

What are the reviews of the Cobra two-way radios?

Cobra two way radios, most reviews say they work very well. one review says that the battery's don't last very long, but that's one out of fifty. many many people say there perfect.

What is the average price of a new Cobra radio?

Prices for a new Cobra radio vary based on seller. A CB Cobra with blue tooth costs anywhere from 100-150 dollars. Two-way Cobra radios cost anywhere from 40-70 dollars.

Where can someone purchase a Cobra CB radio?

There are a number of stores where on can purchase Cobra CB radios. These stores include Radio Shack, Best Buy, Walmart, Target. They can also be purchased online at Amazon.

What is the top consumer rated brand of 2 way radios?

In terms of consumer reviews, Motorola seems to consistently have top rankings for two way radios. Midland and Cobra are also highly rated brands.

How many watts is a 200 cobra cb radio?

Four watts out of the box, which is the legal limit set for CB radios by the FCC.

Are CB radio digital?

Not all CB radios are digital here is a list that are COBRA DIGITAL 29 LX CHR LE LX Platform,New Cobra 29 LX CB Radio andCobra COBRA DIGITAL 29 LX B Classic.

What company is the leader in making the CB radio?

Cobra Electronics is currently the leader in manufacturers who make CB radios. You can visit their website at .