Are all obd2 cables the same?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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All OBD2 cables are not the same but all have the same type of connector on the end. This makes them universally compatible with all ODB2 vehicles.

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Q: Are all obd2 cables the same?
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Is my 1999 Honda civic dx obd1 or obd2?

It should be OBD2. I think 96-00 civics are all OBD2

Are b16a2 engines obd2?

No , all engine's before 1995 where obd1 after 1995 obd2. Same goes for the b16a2 , if you have for instance a engine from a '94 Del Sol vti (b16a2) It is obd1. Lex

Does my 07 Tahoe have an obd2?

yes all cars made in 1996 and newer are obd2

Where is the obd2 plug for Acura legend?

Acura Legends do not have obd2 plugs. They are all OBD1.

Can you trefoil same phase cables?

can do trefoil to the same phase cables

Is 2000 Camaro obd1 or obd2?

all cars manufactured in the us after 1996 use obd2

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Do you have to change all the cables on a 02 FLHTC when you replace handle bars?

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