Are airbags reusable

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Yes, no and maybe. First, lets cover the "No." Once your car airbags deploy the aluminum cylinder releases all the gas, the airbag cover breaks open and the bag is inflated. Unless, you recycle aluminum, plastic or cloth the airbag can be safely discarded once it has deployed. So in this case the airbag is not reusable.

The reason for the "Maybe" is that even though none deployed car airbags can be recycled and reused as an affordable option for rebuilding older vehicles, not all recycled airbags are created equal. If the recyclers do not take the time to check the airbags for water and fire damage, introducing these airbags back into a car can be a potential hazard. Therefore, even though the airbags have never deployed these airbags should not be introduced into rebuilt vehicles.

Finally the "Yes" option. If the none deployed or recycled car airbag is properly removed, categorized and inspected they are definitely reusable and I would consider it a perfect example of a green alternative solution. Keep in mind that airbags are sealed units and as long as the connectors, cables and covers are clean and handled properly. Recycled or used car airbags are a viable option for rebuilding older vehicles and should be considered as safe and reusable.

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Q: Are airbags reusable
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