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Q: An automobile is an example of which of these types of things?
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An automobile is an example of a?


What is a example of gasoline in an automobile engineer?

Well I suppose that if the automobile engineer were to breath in gasoline fumes, that would be an example.

What are the different cables used in automobile harness?

What are the types of cables used in automobile industry and there specification.

An automobile is an example of a consumer?


An automobile is an example of?

A complex machine

An automobile battery is an example of a?


What are some types of technology?

automobile, cellphones. or computers

What types of electricity are used in an automobile?

Direct current.

Are technical schools mainly for technology?

Technical schools are not mainly for technology. Technical schools teach mostly hands on things. For example, they teach welding, automobile repair, and things of that nature.

What are automotive fasteners?

Various types of Nuts, bolts, screws, retainers, plastic "push fasteners", spring clips... anything that's used to fasten things in an automobile.

In an automobile how many types of shock absorber are there?

hundreds probably.

2 types of travelers?

Automobile commuters and air travelers.