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Sleep Apnea

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Q: An air pump that keeps the sleeper's airway open and breathing regular is often prescribed for serious cases of?
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Why is the development of myopathy of the breathing muscles serious?

Myopathy of the breathing muscles is serious as there may be serious breathing difficulties and increased risk for pneumonia, flu, and other respiratory infections.

Is a rabbit lying on its side serious?

Is it breathing? What happens when you touch it?

Does breathing car exhaust lead to a serious health risk for motorcycle riders?

Serious health risk? No. You are riding along leaving the emissions far behind and not breathing the fumes. In stop-and-go city driving there is more of a risk, but not a serious risk.

Is it serious if lungs damaged?

yes its serious because without your lungs, you can't breathe and without breathing, you cannot possibly live!

Having breathing spasms?

If you mean interruptions in your breathing a9dn not just coughing), call an ambulance, and do it now. Possibilities are a few, but many of them can be serious, More important, the faster you get them fixed the better. Dead serious -- call 911.

What are some specific herbal treatments for bipolor disorder?

There aren't any with any effectiveness; bipolar is an extremely serious condition, and you should treat it with doctor-prescribed drugs in conjunction with regular visits to a psychiatrist to adjust drugs and dosage, etc.

Does a broken rib lead to breathing problems?

Normally a broken rib does not impede breathing, but it is possible for the rib to puncture a lung, in which case it does cause a serious problem.

What if your African grey has problems breathing?

Take it to the Vet. ASAP. Respiratory problems are very serious in birds.

Can you drink scope?

You can but it is bad for you. It can have serious side affects including dizziness, drowsiness, trouble breathing or diarrhea.

How do you treat asthma in children?

Asthma is treated with portable inhalers and breathing machines (medicinal ventilators) for serious attacks.

What is lung congestion?

Long Congestion is when you have ahard time breathing and you may develop athsma or serious colds in the future

Can wheezing be a serious problem?

Breathing problems can be life-threatening. Immediate medical attention is required whenever an individual: