Am you liable for a loan if you did not sign?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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You shouldn't be but you should seek legal counselling to be sure.

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Q: Am you liable for a loan if you did not sign?
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Will you be liable if you co-sign an automobile loan and your name is not on the title if the automible is in an accident?

Well, you'll be liable for the loan, but that's about it, unless you had something to to with the so-called "accident" (which is rarely accidental, and more often the result of negligence).

Are you liable for a car loan if the owner files bankruptcy and the car was charged off?

That depends on what you're asking. Who filed bankruptcy? The owner of the car or the owner (holder) of the car loan? Did you co-sign on the loan? If you co-signed on the loan and the other signer files for bankruptcy, yes you are liable for the loan. If the owner (holder) of the car loan files for bankruptcy, you are still liable to the owner's creditors (and you need to find out who they are so you can get the lien released).

If you co sign for an auto loan and the person you co signed for is in an accident can you as the co signer be liable for injuries or damages?

No, you can only be liable for the loan. If the car was totaled and did not have insurance then you can be held responsible for the balance on the loan. Any accident or damages that occurred would be the responsibility of the driver/owner of the vehicle. All your signature did was say that you will pay the loan if the borrower fails to do so.

Your husband and you had a personal unsecured loan He died do you still have to pay all of the loan off?

If you co-signed the loan, yes, you will be personally responsible for the unpaid amount. if you did not co-sign the loan, your husband's ESTATE may be liable for the loan payoff. Talk to an attorney or the Probate Court for further information.

If you agreed to cosign for a car loan but did not actually sign the contract and your name is a forgery are you liable?

If you did not sign the document, and did not authorize anyone to sign for you, you should be able to get out of the contract. Someone, probably the person that asked you to co-sign, or the salesman for the vehicle, has committed fraud.

How long are you liable for student loan?


Does cosigning a loan affect your credit the same as being the primary person on a loan?

Yes if you co-sign for a vehicle you are just as liable as the primary person so if they dont pay you have to pay or both your credits are hurt

If after your bankruptcy you sign a loan modification on your home are you now responable for this loan if you still want to walk away if the loan was not reafirmed?

This question should be handled by an attorney,Any loan modification paper work signed after bankruptcy proceeding are a new contract which yes make you liable for that debt.

If warning sign is posted and a person neglects the sign who is held liable?

The person liable is the person who ignored the warning.

Will your husband be liable if the Home goes into default and the home is in the wife's name?

your husband will be liable only if his name appears on the loan or mortgage documents as a co-guarantor of the loan

Is family liable for payment on a repossessed car?

Whoever's name is signed on the loan paperwork is the one liable.

How long after the borrowers death is the co signer liable on a loan?

Until the loan is paid.Until the loan is paid.Until the loan is paid.Until the loan is paid.