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What type of car??? Some cars have a security feature that will disable the car for a few minutes if an improper key is used to prevent a criminal from using multiple keys with the security resister in them. Also try cleaning your key.

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Q: All your dash lights come on but the car wont turn over so you wait a few minutes and it starts right up What could it be?
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What could be wrong if the fog lights on a VW Beetle are not working?

Pull out on the light switch when you have turned it to the right to turn on the lights.

What would cause a 1997 cavalier to quit it is an electrical thing as you also lose all the lights radio etc including dash lights happens once in awhile car starts right back up and is fine then?

It sounds like you have a ground wire(s) problems. it could be alot of different things....that could be a good start

Running lights and instrument panel lights do not come on right away but they do after 15 minutes 1990 Chevy silverado ANY Idea why?

the dimmer switch that controls your dash light brightness may be bad.

Why do your hazard lights come on with your right turn signal 2003 Suburban?

It could be a faulty ground wire.

How do I change time on a Mercedes slk 200?

Two buttons protrude out of the instrament pannel the left dims the dash lights the right controls the clock rotate to the left for hours right for minutes.

If right side headlights are not working what could be the problem?

Blown fuse or the lights are just blown and need replacing.

You have no lights but you have a new battery and a new alternator what could be wrong?

Recheck your battery to see if hooked up right.

Your fog lights don't work on your 1988 Toyota supra what could be the problem?

There burnt out or something is not connected right

Why won't your Goodman heater model GMT090-3B start when the thermostate is turned up?

Check the error code on the control board at the furnace. It could be a number of things. If the furnace is not lighting, it could be the ignitor If the furnace lights then goes out right away, it could be the flame sensor If the furnace lights then goes out after several minutes, it is a limit switch. Turn the tstat fan switch to on and see if the fan comes on, if it does not you have no power to the furnace, check the breakers or cutoff switch.

What could be the problem if while driving my 02 Grand Am it stalls but starts right back up and drives fine No engine lights come on. Doesnt seem to stall anytime under 3 quarters of a tank of gas.?

Try for a cheap fix and change your gas cap. Sounds like it could be vapour lock.

If have change the fuses and relays on your 1996 ford ranger and park lights tail lights still don not work?

Could be a wiring problem. Could also be loose connections, which I doubt, but hey.. anything's possible, right? I'm voting for wiring.

98 Aurora won't shift into reverse when it is cold must let it warm up for 5-10 minutes also all interior lights do not work any ideas why?

have you check out the lighting module right above your break pedal for the interier lights?