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The blower fan could be overheating. The A/C is still working but you won't feel the cool unless the blower fan is operational.

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Q: Air conditioner in a 2001 Tahoe works intermittently it works for 10 - 15 minutes then stops next time in the car it works 10 to 15 minutes then stops does not seem low on coolant. Electrical?
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Why would a car air conditioner start blowing warm air after running for several minutes?

Chances are your air conditioner is low or out of coolant. You can go to AutoZone, Napa, Advance Auto, or numerous other do it yourself car repair stores and have it checked out.

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How fast can an air conditioner blow air in a car?

about 5 minutes

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When it dies, is it a sudden stall, or does it run rough, and then die? If its sudden, it is most likely a electrical problem, but if it runs rough, or dies when accelerating, it might be mechanical. Such as the fuel lines, carb, etc.

My car overheats after 45 minutes why?

Low coolant? Cooling fans not working? Water pump not circulating coolant? Radiator plugged or restricted?

98 cadillac deville drive for 10 minutes and the engine overheats?

Check coolant level Perhaps thermostat is not opening to allow coolant to flow

Why does the air conditioner take up to 15 minutes before the clutch will engage?

low freon

Coolant light stays on for a few minutes then goes off Is that normal?

not really. check that oil isn't in your coolant or coolant in your oil. the 3.1L engines seem to have a reputation for bad intake manifold gaskets.

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