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bad condenser

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Q: Air conditioner blowing hot air have already added freon what could be the problem?
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Blowing hot air out of the air conditioner of a 1994 Chevy s10?

AC System probably needs refrigerant added.

Does an air conditioner compressor purchased from Napa auto parts come with oil already added?

NO, it does not.

Why is Air conditioner not blowing cold?

I have the same problem. Refrigerant is low due to a small leak in the system. They came out and added refrigerant to my system and it worked fine. Now after a long power outage (hurricane IKE) I am having the same problem. It appears I have a small leak in my system and need more refrigerant installed!

How do you add freon on a 1990 240sx?

Freon is added to a 1990 240sx by connecting a Freon source to the low pressure side of the system and allowing it to pull in Freon. This is done with the vehicle running and the air conditioner blowing.

Air conditioning blowing hot air on 1997 jimmy before adding R-134a what should you know or could there be another problem?

what did it do after you added R134a?

What Is A Water Conditioner?

Chlorine and chloramine are both deadly poisons to fish. A water conditioner is usually a liquid that is added to water to remove or nullify the action of chlorine and/or chloramine that has been added by the water authority.

What is the problem with a salt system that won't generate chlorine?

Have you followed all the steps of the start - up for the salt generator. Is the salt system plugged in or hard wired in? Have you turned up the dial or digital for the right readings? Have you added the proper type or amount of salt? Have you added the proper amount of conditioner and does that reading for conditioner reach 70 to 90 ppm? Have you added the other chemicals needed to balance the water? -- liquid chlorine, muriatic acid etc. k

Do you need to add conditioner to a salt water pool when you add salt?

Probably not. Conditioner should have been added at startup. You can test for "CYA" to find out how much conditioner is currently in your water and add more if necessary.

What would happen if more capacitors were added to a series circuit already containing two capacitors?

A: For one thing the total capacitance will decrease . If the voltage rating are different then more problem will become evident. That is if they are added in series.

Is powder conditioner used for the same result as using muratic acid?

No, conditioner is added to water to help mantain chlorine. Muriatic acid is used to lower pH or alkalinity.

What was added to the constitution that listed right not already in the Constitution?

Bill of Rights

Ac vents stop blowing cold at high speeds?

try rechargeing your a/c it could have to much or too little (added to answer) If the A/C blows cold at idle or while you are coasting, and stops blowing cold while you are accelerating or cruising under a slight load, it is more likely that you have a vacuum problem with the heater control panel, gates, or dash pots. If you ever hear a hissing sound coming from the dash, this is definitely the problem.