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False- since trucks are bigger they have more mass and since it takes longer to speed up, it takes them longer to slow down.

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Q: A truck takes the same amount of time to accelerate and brake as a car does is true?
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Why is a greater amount of force needed to accelerate a truck than a jeepney even if they are running with the same velocity?

The truck has a greater mass and therefore a greater amount of inertia to overcome. To accelerate a greater mass requires a greater force.

What makes a truck not accelerate?


Why does your GMC 1 ton 6.2 liter when you start the truck it takes brakes to the floor?

Truck has hydro-static brake assit. What this means is the power brake assit runs off the power steering pump.It takes a few seconds to build up pressure.

Which object will accelerate more if the same force is applied to both a pickup truck or a trctor-trailer truck?

Whichever is lighter will accelerate more quickly.

How much gas does a pick-up truck use on start up?

The amount of gas it takes to start up a pickup truck depends on what type of truck and its engine. The amount used to start up the engine is not significant.

When a moving truck collides with a falling leaf Why doesn't the truck accelerate like the leaf does?

Actually, the truck DOES decelerate, but its mass is so very much larger than the mass of the leaf, that the amount of deceleration is infinitesmal and too small to measure. Theoretically, at least, it is there.

Why does my truck rev drop when you accelerate?

My truck flutter and temperture gauge drop at the same time

Why doesn't my truck accelerate?

your accelerator is finished (broken)* basically you don't have an accelerate, just two brakes :3

Why does your truck shudder when you accelerate slowly?

Check motor mounts

Why does your truck bog down when you try to accelerate?

Well if you have a carberator on this truck it is most likely the booster pump

When i brake in my truck it starts to shake and rumble which i assume is the rotrs are warpted but when i begin to accelerate it also starts to shake but only for about 5 to 10 seconds whats wrong?

Check your Caliper adjustment pins. They my be sticking.

How do you release stuck emergency brake on Chevy truck?

A stock emergency brake, on a Chevrolet truck, can be released by manually disengaging the emergency brake. This can be accomplished by loosening the tension nut on the brake.