A picture of the fastest pinewood derby car?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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i cannot give you a picture but i know that mine have always won in the small competitions i compete in. its always safe to go with a wedge. and put weight in the back but also in the front. you dont want the car tipping forward. not good. probably best to go with a little more weight in the back but not my too much. ya know what im sayin?

im only 13 but i think im right. i just love cars and love racing my tiny wood ones! :)

~josette :)

hope this helped a bit!


A good question, but one that is difficult to answer. You see, most Pinewood Derbies are held at the local levels. There is no "national" Pinewood Derby races that allow us to determine which car is considered "the fastest". Best answer I can give you is that in 2005, the BSA held a national Pinewood Derby Race, in honor of the 75th Cub Scouting Anniversary, in Irving, Texas. The winner of that race was a car called the Brett Bullet. If you go into Google Images and search on that name, a picture of the car will be displayed. This is the only car that has ever been named as "national champion" and there has never been another national race since.

Now there are a few Pinewood Derby Racing Leagues out there, that do annual racing circuits, of which one of the most well known is the Lima Land Open, in Lima, Ohio. If you go out to Google and search on the words "Lima Land Open", you will find their site and pictures of past winners from past divisions. This is probably the best answer one can come up with to your question.

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Q: A picture of the fastest pinewood derby car?
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What was the time for the fastest pinewood derby race for a car?

2.3 seconds according to wikipedia.

What is the main fuel for a pinewood derby car?


How much can a pinewood derby car weigh?

5 ounces.

How can you make wheels for a pinewood derby car?

dude you can't make e'm, you have to buy them.

What makes your Pinewood Derby car move faster?

Make it small light, and stylish.

Were do you find a Mustang pinewood derby car?

If you are looking for a Mustang Pinewood Derby Car to build, go to Google and do a search on the words "Maximum Velocity Stallion". The first link will take you to a site were you can purchase the Stallion kit, that was modeled after the Ford Mustang.

How big is average pinewood derby stop stick?

If you are referring to the stop section on a Pinewood Derby track, the average length is about 4 feet; however, if you are good at making fast Pinewood Derby cars, it will take nearly double this length to safely stop your car. Because of this most Pinewood Derby races place a pillow or a jacket at the end of the stop section to abruptly stop those cars that over shoot the stop sections.

How do you make fast pinewood derby cars?

Go to Google and do a search on the words "Pinewood Bible". One of the first hits is a PDF file called the "Pinewood Bible" that was written in 2002. Even though the article is 10 years old, it goes over in detail the basic points of making a fast Pinewood Derby car.

Where is a pinewood derby cars?

Pinewood Derby cars are popular for young boy scouts or anyone who is interested in soap box car racing. You can purchase them quite cheap online and they are sure to be a fun way to spend a day or few.

How tall is a pinewood derby car?

7 inches 7 inches is the length of the car, not the height (aka tall). Pinewood Derby cars are generally less than 3 inches in height; however, the actual height varies based on the electronic judge sensors that attached to the finish line of the track. The cars run under these sensors, so it is the height of the sensors from the track that determines how tall a Pinewood Derby car can be. I've seen some that can accommodate cars that are 6 to 7 inches in height.

How do you make a pinewood derby car go fast?

There is no one trick to making a Pinewood Derby car go fast. It is a combination of several different things that you do that make the car go faster. The four most important things to improving the speed of you car are weight placement, axle polishing, wheel roundness, and axle/wheel alignment. Remember that friction is the enemy of Pinewood Derby cars. I could easily write a book on all the procedures you need to go through in order to make your car go faster, but luckily others have done this for me. My recommendation would be to go to Google and do a search on the words "Pinewood Bible". One of the first hits is a PDF file called the "Pinewood Bible" that was written in 2002. Even though the article is many years old, it covers in detail the basic points of making a Pinewood Derby car go fast. Once you've built a few cars and raced them you can begin to refine you techniques into what you feel works and what does not. Then become a member of one of the many Pinewood Derby forums that are out there (Derby Talk is a good place to start) and learn the finer points to tweaking every last bit energy out of your designs. This is the best track to follow for becoming a Master Pinehead like myself.

Should the wheels be large in the front and back for a pinewood derby car?

You need to use the wheels from the kit. They are all the same size.