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I Did this when I was little too, all you do is w= f(d)

The answer is 600J

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Q: A mechanic uses a hydraulic lift to raise a 1200kg car 0.5m off the ground how much work does the lift do on the car?
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What is a John Deere hydraulic power lift?

This is the hydraulic system that most 2-cylinder john deere tractors came with that uses pressurized oil from the engine to raise or lower pocker arms that ar connected to an implement that can be raised or lowered, a plow out of the ground for example.

Have you seen a mechanic use a car lift?

Yes, I have seen a mechanic use a car lift every time I get the tires rotated or the oil changed. All they have to do is drive the car onto the lift and raise it to bring the car off the ground to a convenient working height.

What is a hydraulic float valve?

Hydraulic float valves on earth moving equipment allow the operator the ability to contour the landscape and improve the final grade with certain implements, such as dozer blades, by providing continuous, controlled hydraulic pressure to the raise side of the lift cylinder. In addition to producing the desired result a hydraulic valve in the float position saves horsepower by not "digging-in" and reduces wear on any ground-engaging components.

What are the levers on top of the tow bar for?

Assuming you're referring to a hydraulic tow bar, those are the hydraulic arms which raise, lower, and turn the tow bar.

Is a hydraulic jack a hydraulic or pneumatic system?

Hydraulic , the jack uses fluid under pressure to raise the cylinder , releasing the pressure allows the cylinder to retract. Pneumatics is a similar concept using air pressure.

Advantages of hydraulic jacks?

Hydraulic jacks have the advantage of working quickly to raise or lower items like autos. A hydraulic jack is filled with fluid and can lift heavier loads while using less force.

How do you install a Honda Prelude transmission?

This is a very big job, and if you choose to do this by yourself you should invest in a repair manual, second if you are an impaitent person, you should not do this!! and it would also be helpful if you had a hydraulic vehicle lift to raise the vehicle off the ground, if not then you will need a engine hoist, or at least two hydraulic floor jacks. and of coarse, tools.

How can you raise an elephant with one finger?

Put your finger on the button of a large scale hydraulic lift.

Is a raise a good incentive for the auto mechanic salary?

I believe that a raise is great for any kind of job, so I feel that it would be a good incentive. A suitable raise for an auto mechanic would depend on the size of company they work for, but I think that $1 per hour and up would be reasonable.

Can the Dodge Dakota drivers seat be raised?

A good mechanic that can fabricate can raise that seat for you.

Lift trucks use a hydraulic cylinder attached to chains to raise and lower the forks?


How does a hydraulic lift work?

A hydraulic lift works by having pressure travel through a tube into another. One tube is smaller forcing air into the larger one in order to push and raise the lift.