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454 km

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Q: A high speed train travels with an average speed of 227 kmh The train travels for 2 h how far does the train travel?
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How fast can a normal train travel?

A normal train usually travels at a speed of 100mph.

A high speed train travels south for 2.00 h for a distance f 454 km What is its average velocity?

a high speed train travels south for 2.00 h for a distance of 454km. what is its average velocity?

What is an object's total distance traveled divided by the total time it travels?

In general, we will find the average speed of a moving object by dividing the total distance it travels by the total time elapsed in its travel.We can find the actual speed of the object if it moves with a constant speed during all of its travel. But if the object is something like a bus or train that makes stops along the way, we discover its average speed by dividing the total distance it travels by the total time it took to travel that distance.

A train travels 495km in 4 hours What is its average speed in km per h to 2 sig fig?

The train travels at 123.7 km/h

Does a bullet train travel faster than a bullet?

No, a bullet train does not travel faster than a bullet. A bullet can travel at speeds exceeding 1000 meters per second, while a bullet train typically travels at speeds ranging from 240-320 kilometers per hour.

If a train travels for 4 5 hours at a rate of 40 mph what is the distance the train will travel?

Just multiply the 45 hours by the speed.

What speed do c2c trains travel at?

c2c trains (national rail) travels at 200mph. it is a lovely train with toilets.

How long does it take to travel 760.43 miles by train?

Depends on average speed.

The speed of a freight train is 14 km hr slower than the speed of a passenger train The freight train travels 330 km in the same time that it takes the passenger train to travel 400 km Find the speed?

66 & 80 kph respectively

Train travels 350 km in 3 hours what is the average speed?

Average speed = Total Distance/Total Time = 350/3 = 116.66... km per hour.

A train travels from one station to another station at a speed of 40 kmph and returns to the first station at a speed of 60kmph. calculate the average speed and average velocity of the train?

average speed = S1+S2/2 here s1 = 40kmph s2 = 60kmph Average speed = 40+60/2 100/2 = 50 kmph

What are travel options for going from Paris to London?

You can either fly, or take the Eurostar which is a high speed train which travels under the English Channel.