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A windshield

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Q: A driver looks through this to see the road ahead?
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What is something a driver looks through this to see the road ahead?

a windshield.

Why do the English drive while sitting on the right?

As the English drive on the left being situated on the right gives the driver a better view of the road ahead. This arrangement gives the driver a wider field of vision of the road ahead?

What does it mean if an edge line slants in toward the center of the road?

The road is narrower ahead. The road is narrower ahead. The road is narrower ahead.

How do headlights on a car help a driver to drive at night?

The headlights illuminate the road ahead of the vehicle allowing you to see in the darkness.

When was The Road Ahead - album - created?

The Road Ahead - album - was created in 2004.

What does your high beam headlights illuminate the road in front of you for?

High beams are used for illuminating a road that doesn't have very much traffic on it. That way the driver can see farther ahead for any road obstructions. High beams are also used when a driver is one an unfamiliar road and if there isn't much in the way of lighting, such as street lamps.

What is a situation in which the eyes can mislead you?

Seeing a desert mirage, or looking at an optical illusion are two situations were your eyes can mislead you. On a hot, shimmering day, you may see what looks like pools of water on the road surface ahead - an optical illusion as the road ahead is dry..

What is driving reaction time?

Driving reaction time is the time taken for a driver to see something in the road ahead and to react. This is separate to the braking distance.

Can a police car speed without its lights on?

In Sweden the driver of the police car is allowed to speed without the lights on BUT he or she has the obligation to clear the road ahead. The driver is also personally responsible for anything that happens.

Where can I go for driving classes to pass my road test?

You can go to driving classes to pass a road test through Driver's Education classes where there is an instructor who will guide you through the test.

What does a defensive driver do?

Read the road ahead. Watch out for other drivers and expect them to do something silly. Put yourself in a position where you can always take avoiding action.

Who is at fault if you hit a stalled car on the road?

you are it's your responsibility as a driver to beware of the traffic ahead of you at all times and to have your vehicle under control at all times