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Q: A car uses stored chemical energy in gasoline to move. The engine changes chemical energy into heat and energy to power the car.?
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What kind of energy does Gasoline Have?

The energy released from gasoline when it is used in a gasoline engine is chemical energy.

Is chemical energy an example of mechanical energy?

A combustion engine converts chemical energy in gasoline to mechanical energy in the engine.

Gasoline engine convert chemical energy into kinetic energy. true or false?

A gasoline engine converts chemical energy into mechanical energy.

What is the correct energy conversion sequence of a gasoline engine?

Chemical Energy ---> Heat Energy ---> Mechanical Energy

When gasoline is burned in a car engine what energy is converted into another energy?

Chemical Energy into Mechanical Energy

Does gasoline create electricity?

Nothing "creates" energy. The chemical energy in gasoline can be converted to electrical energy by burning the gasoline in an internal combustion engine that's connected to a generator.

What is chemical energy converted in a car?

The chemical energy is stored in the fuel, ie gasoline or diesel, and released when it is burned in the engine.

In the cylinder of an automobile engine the chemical energy of gasoline is initially transformed into what?

Into heat.

When gasoline in a engine some of the chemical energy is transformed into mechanical energy but most of the energy is lost in the form of what?


What produced in a gasoline engine other than mechanical energy?

Water is created in the chemical reaction of gasoline 'oxidizing' (burning).

Burning gasoline in a car's engine a physical change or a chemical change?

Chemical but the energy released has physical consequences.

What engry is used in fuel?

Chemical Energy. Chemical energy is converted to thermal energy when people burn wood in a fireplace or burn gasoline in a car's engine.