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Pull all 4 wheels and inspect the brakes. Something came apart or broke in one of the wheels.

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Q: 97 dodge I am getting no brake unless you pump it a hundred times and keep the pedal hard if you release you have no brake I am not leaking fluid started happening when you disconnected your 4x4 actua?
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Why is your disconnected heater core still leaking?

There may have been some water left in the heater core when you disconnected both hoses at the firewall. I can't think of any other explanation since there is no water circulating through the heater core.

What would cause whistling or hissing noise from 2001 Rav4 at idle?

vacuum or air intake hose leaking or disconnected or loose...? good luck:)

My engine light came on after replace valve cover gasket in my 1992 Honda accord but oil is not leaking?

Check your crankcase ventilation, the hose or pcv may be blocked or disconnected.

How do you fix idle going up and down 87 Chevy?

Look for an intake manifold leaking at a cracked or disconnected hose or one of the gaskets to the cylinder head or throttle body.

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Either the heater core is leaking or you have a leak at the windshield or the cowl. If the fluid tastes sweet it is coolant and your heater core is leaking.

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What if your engine doesnt go below 3000 RPM?

If it's a ford, I'd check the Idle Air Control Valve (IAC) High engine idle can be caused by alot of things though such as; ECU (computer) malfuction, a leaking intake manifold gasket, or even as simple as a disconnected or leaking vacuum hose.

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