265 on a tire what does it mean?

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265 on a tire is the width of the tire in mm

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Q: 265 on a tire what does it mean?
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What does 265 40 zr18 mean?

265 = Width of tire in Millimetres 40 = Ratio of height to width (aspect ratio) Z = Speed rating for over 150Mph (240Kph) R = Radial - the construction of the tire 18 = Diameter in inches of the wheel the tire is designed to fit. In summary, this tire is for a sports car with 18 inch wheels.

Can you put a 235 70 15 tire on a rim that had a 265 70 15 on it?

Yes but the profile is different and will affect your speedometer.

Can your replace tire size 245 70 17 t with 235 65 17?

Can you? Yes you can. Should you? No, you should not because the 65 series tire is 4.84% (1.47") smaller in overall diameter than the 70 series tire. You should never go over or under 3% difference. If you wish to go to a 65 series tire then you need to install 265/65-17 tires that are only 0.19% (.06") larger. That size will be an excellent fit. A 255/65-17 will also work well but not quite as well as a 265/65-17. A 235/65-17 will not work well and you should not install that size. Know that the 265 may rub the fender liner when you turn sharply so check that.

What does dsb mean on a tire?

Diagonal Serrated Band

What does 195 55 15 mean for a tire?

The 195 refers to millimeters (mm) and is the width of the tire across the treads. The 55 is also in millimeters(mm) and refers to the height if the tire from the edge of the rim(wheel) to the top of the tire. And finally, the 15 refers to inches (in) and refers to the diameter of the wheel that the tire fits to and the inside diameter of the tire.

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