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Q: 1 Proper is vital while driving an automobile?
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Why do you need gearbox in the automobile?

the need of gear box in automobile is to increase / decrease the speed while u driving the car

Does using an automobile air conditioner while driving increase fuel consumption?


Is the commercial Drivers license blood alchola content lower while driving your own automobile verses driving a commercial vechile?


Is there a cure for blufferitis?

There is no definite cure for blepharitis. However, it is vital to maintain proper hygiene for the eyelids while using proper medication to manage the condition.

Automobile definition of yield while driving?

To YIELD , means - you must allow the other traffic to pass before you can go.

Why does a dodge stratus stall while driving?

The most common cause of a automobile stalling, while driving, is and electronic fuel pump going bad. The vehicle will begin to stall more and more and eventually not run at all.

What year did grace kelly die?

September 14th 1982 in a automobile accident in Monaco in which she apparently suffered a stroke and crashed while driving with her daughter Princess Stephine.

If you had an automobile accident while driving under the influence of alcohol and killed a federal employee you would have broken what?

A state law; you would then be tried in a lower state court.

In the state of Indiana can a police office give a ticket for not having your insurance cards in the vehicle?

Any police officer can give you a ticket for failing to produce proof of valid, current automobile insurance if pulled over while driving/riding said automobile.

Why are cup holders so popular in automobiles?

Cup holders are important and popular to automobile owners because they provide the comfort of having a beverage on-hand opened or closed while driving.

How did Bufford Pusser's wife die?

I believe he was in an automobile accident.

Why does your vehicle AC blow cold while driving and warm while idle?

Depending on the year, make and model check the cooling fans or fan clutch for proper operation...........