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Q: In regards to speakers is the gold wire positive and the silver wire negative?
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Is silver positive or negative?


You have copper and silver speaker wire and the silver has writing on it Which one is positive?

The copper wire is typically positive. However, the best way to determine which is positive and negative is by referring to the user manual or guide that came with the speakers. The writing on the silver wire is likely there to indicate which wire is positive.

Is copper positive or negative?

In speaker connectors, the copper-colored connector is usually positive, and the silver-colored connector is negative.

Is silver nitrate a positive ion or negative ion?

Silver nitrate (AgNO3) contains a positive silver ion (Ag+) and a negative nitrate ion (NO3-). Silver ion is positively charged because it has lost one electron, while the nitrate ion is negatively charged due to its structure.

What is the positive color of silver nitrate?

When testing silver nitrate, a whitish color will yield positive results. If the test is negative, the color will turn clear and it will remain transparent.

Does silver form a positive or negative ion?

Silver forms a positive ion, specifically Ag+. In chemical reactions, silver tends to lose one electron to achieve a stable electron configuration.

What were the positive and negative consequences of Spain's involvement in the silver trade?

Spain's involvement in the silver trade caused the Spanish government to become very rich. However, the value of silver eventually declined so much that Spain went bankrupt.

How does a voltaic pile battery work?

It worked by the zinc, silver plates and the blotting paper. there was a positive and a negative side just like a regular battery.

Does metal have a positive charge?

No, metal does not typically have a positive charge. In its natural state, metal consists of atoms with balanced positive and negative charges, making it electrically neutral. However, metals can become positively charged through processes like gaining electrons or forming ions.

What charge does a monatomic silver cation have?

Cations are always positive, whatever they're of. Ooh, or is that anions? Yeah, on second thoughts I think cations are negative. Hang on a minute, I'll check......nope, I was right first time. Cations are positive.

Is silver a positive ion?

Yes, silver can form a positive ion with a charge of +1. When silver loses an electron, it becomes a silver ion (Ag+).

What is the negative color of silver nitrate?

The silver nitrate is originally clear and transparent. Without any chemical reactions or negative ions the color does not change. However, the color of the negative silver nitrate is cloudy and has a whitish, silver, color to it.