How do you play high low piccolo?

Updated: 10/22/2022
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you join hands and hit the top and say high then hit the bottom and say low then hit the middle and say pica then hit the bottom and say low again then hit the middle saying pica then hit the bottom saying low and then hit the top then the bottom saying high and low then hit the middle saying pica and then the bottom saying low and then say YO

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Q: How do you play high low piccolo?
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What are the lyrics to your name is high low piccolo?

my name is hi-low, piccolo, piccalo hi low hi lo piccalo piccalo no name

Is a flute a low pitch or high pitch?

A flute has a high pich and a sorta low pitch. Low C or B on flute and pro flute are pretty low but high C on flute is REALLY high, but mostly it is high. If you want a really high instrument try the piccolo. If you are really good at flute go on the piccolo. Ihope I answered your question.

Can all the scales a-g be played on a flute or piccolo?

Every scale can be played on bother the flute and the piccolo. On the flute you can play the A, A flat, B, B flat, D, G, F sharp, and F two octaves. For the C and the D flat there are three that can be played without a Low B key. If you have a low B key, you can play the B scale three octaves. On the piccolo it is the same (minus there is no such thing as a low B key for a piccolo) and the C and high d flat thrid octaves take a lot of effort and practice to get out.

What is the piccolo instrument lowest note?

The highest note a piccolo can play is a high C. It would be 4 octaves above middle C on the piano.

What is a tiny high pitched flute?

The name of a mini flute instrument is called a piccolo.

How low can the piccolo go?

The range of a piccolo is d2 to c5.

Does the flute or piccolo have high notes?

yea but the piccolo is higher

Do you have to be good at the flute to play the piccolo?

Nope! It's the same fingerings as the flute, if you know how to play flute, you can play piccolo.

Which orchestra plays the highest flute or piccolo?

The piccolo plays higher than the flute. All orchestra's have piccolo's and the piccolo can only go so high (same as the flute) so it is not a matter of which orchestra plays the highest because all of them can play at the same pitch range (this also applies for the flute)

Is a clarinet high or low?

woodwinds can range from high to low. For example flute and alto saxes are high while bass clarinet and bassoon are low. there is also alto flutes, and bass flutes, bass saxophone which are l ow also, piccolo, soprillo saxophone, oboe which are high

Why are flutes and piccolos similar?

Flutes and piccolos are more than similar. They are both a part of the flute family. Think of the piccolo as a tiny flute replica (or a baby flute). The piccolo is made smaller than the the average concert flute so that the player can achieve higher notes with much more ease, comfort, and reliable tuning. This means that the piccolo can play some high notes that the concert flute can not play but the concert flute can play some lower notes that the piccolo can not play.

What are high and low pitched intruments?

High-pitched instruments include piccolo, trumpet, and violin, while low-pitched instruments include tuba, bassoon, and contrabass. The pitch of an instrument is determined by the frequency of the sound waves it produces.