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ffhtgu the weaknasses were they were poor and streangths were they liked sex

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Q: What are some weaknesses of florence during the renaissance?
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What were some of the artistic contributions Florence made to Renaissance society?

Florence is ground zero of the Renaissance . The Medci family ran Florence and were sponsors of some of the great artists. They commissioned statue of David, helped pay for the Florence Domo ( one of the first domed churches), and built palaces with walls filled with art.

Why was florence called The cradle of the Renaissance?

Florence became a major city during the renaissance because the Medici family, who was very rich and powerful at the time, sponsored many artists and without them they wouldn't have been able to create and sell so much work.

What are some services of old Florence?

During the Middle Ages, a large number of Florentines worked in the wool industry. There were also artists, writers, and merchants of great importance. This trend continued into the Renaissance, which started in such Italian cities as Florence. Today, partly because of its past, Florence is an incomparable cultural center. There is a link below to the history section of an article on Florence.

Is Venice home of Renaissance artists?

Florence is more typically known as the center of Renaissance art. It was in Florence that the rapidly-expanding wool trade strengthened the city's economy to such a degree that a whole new class of nobility, headed by the Medici family, was born. This new class of nobility had the money and leisure to sponsor some of the greatest works of Renaissance art. Without Florence, the Italian Renaissance would have been extremely different, and perhaps never happened at all.

Who were some of the important explores of the Renaissance?

Christopher Columbus was an important explorer during the Renaissance.

Why did banking become so important in Florence during the renaissance?

it was important because they needed money it was all about that so they could bank some money and not put too much in their job so if they loose they'll still have some money left.

What has the author Lucio Sponza written?

Lucio Sponza is known for his writings on Italian history, particularly on the Renaissance period. He has written extensively on topics such as politics, culture, and society during the Renaissance in Italy. Some of his notable works include "Florence at the Dawn of the Renaissance" and "Renaissance Florence: A Social History".

What items where traded during the Renaissance?

Some things that got traded in the Renaissance were artwork and scientific ideas.

Most important Italian art center?

During the renaissance it would have to be Firenze (Florence). The wealthy Medici family of merchants were great patrons of the arts sponsoring some of the greatest figures in western art such as Michelangelo, Da Vinci and Raphael.

Who were some non-Italian artist during the renaissance?


What was the major causes of the European renaissance?

Renaissance is the name under which we know the artistic and cultural movement that took place in several European countries at the end of the Medieval Era. The Italian city of Florence was a major focal point of this movement, some scholars attribute Florence's economical and cultural situation as one of the reasons Renaissance started there, also the climate of peace that prevailed in the region.

During the Renaissance?

During the Renaissance, the city was filled with some 10,000 gandolas. Venetian boaters took gandolas along the Grand Canal, as pedestrians used sidewalks on its banks.