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Simple, you have a leak. Suspect that it is leaking from the cowl. Check the drain for the condenser and see if it is plugged. Check for debris below the window in the channel.

if you have a sunroof, sometimes the drain hose gets clogged and water will back up into the car. It can run down the inside of your A pillar and end up in the floor board. Similarly, if it happens when you run the A/C, the condensation drain hose could be clogged and backing up into the floor.
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Q: Why is the passenger side of your car floor soaked when it rains but there are no wet spots on the roof or windows?
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Saturn sc Why would the floor on a car's passenger side get wet when it rains?

windsheild leaks

What would cause the passenger floor to be very wet when it rains on a 1998 Lincoln town car?

Windshield seal? Lower door seal? Hole in floor ?

Why does your Plymouth Neon Leak water onto the passenger floor when it rains?

There is obviously a leak in either the firewall/cowl area or the window seal.

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It could be a door seal or more likely the windshield is leaking.

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On my 82 280D I found the Sun roof leaked. ater resealing in. no more water.

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b CAUSE U HAVE A LEAK There could be a body plug that has came loose or fallen out completely. Get up under ypur vehcile and check for any holes. if there is one missing. replace it. I had this happen in another vehicle right after the windshield was replaced. The windshield wasn't sealed properly. After a heavy rain, I had about an inch of water on the floor board. After I took it back and had them reseal the windshield, the problem was gone.

Cabin air filter 2000 Intrigue?

It's located passenger side below windshield wiper. remove the cover at the base of windshield and pull it out. be careful putting back the piece of rubber if you don't want the passenger floor to become a lake when it rains

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