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check the distributer or change the spark plug wires and spark plugs this happened to my try changing the moguel

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Truck nissan cabstar not starting
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Q: Why does your Nissan cabstar turn over but wont start?
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Nissan quest 2000 won't start?

Does it turn over? Is it getting fuel? Is it getting spark?

What would cause my 1997 Nissan Pathfiner to turn over but not start?

No spark No fuel No compression

1989 Nissan Pickup wont start please help?

I need more information. Does the starter turn over the engine? Do you hear a click when you try to start it?

1993 Nissan bluebird turns over no start will cams turn if chain broken?

no the cams shouldn't turn if the chain is brokrn. It may be streched and or the tentioner may be worn out.

The car has power but will not start you can pop the clutch and it will start but when you turn the key it wont?

Does it turn over? Does it turn over?

1996 Nissan altima turns over but won't start?

The most common reason for an engine to turn over but not start is a lack of fuel. The fuel tank might be empty or the fuel pump might not be working.

Battery and fuel gauge not functioning and jeep does not start but will turn over repeatedly?

Will turn over but will not start

How can you tell if a 1985 Nissan Z24S engine is a interference engine?

if you try to start it and it wont turn over it could be the timing belt. goodluck finding someone to fix it...

Why would a 95 Toyota Corolla turn over but not start?

A lack of fuel is the most common cause for an automobile to turn over but not start. A plugged air filter can also cause the vehicle to turn over but not start.

When I try to start my 84 feiro it turn over but won't start?

More information is needed. Does the engine turn over, but not start? Have you checked for gas and spark?

1997 Nissan wont start after turned off in neutral?

Then turn it off after it is put into park

Nissan Sentra does not turn on battery is charge?

If it won't turn over then suspect the starter. Check for power at the starter itself.

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