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This is a hippie term from hidin in the bathroom to smoke weed.

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2009-05-22 02:40:31
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Q: Why do some people call the bathroom The Mary Jane?
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What do English people call the bathroom?

A bathroom is a bathroom if it has a bath in it. If it doesn't have a bath in it, it is called a toilet, or colloquially, a loo.

How do you say bathroom in Ireland?

A bathroom is a bathroom in Ireland. What you are referring to is that some people called the place where you have a toilet, the bathroom. If there is a toilet in the room, but no bath, then it is a toilet, not a bathroom. In Ireland they call a bathroom a bathroom, and a toilet a toilet, whereas in some countries the call a toilet a bathroom.

What do british people call the bathroom?

If it has a bath or a shower, it's still a bathroom. If it doesn't - or depending on why someone's going to the bathroom - it will be a toilet or a loo.

Go to the loo?

People in England call the bathroom the loo. I have no idea why.

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If you mean a room where people take a bath (or a shower), they call it a bathroom. However, if you say 'bathroom' and you mean a room with no bath or shower, but just a toilet and a hand-basin, they call it a toilet, or a WC (short for water closet), or a loo.

What is th meaning of the name Mary Jane when refering to marijuana?

"Mary Jane" is a slang term that comes from the erroneous derivation of the Mexican word mariguana or marihuanafrom Maria and Juana. Actually, the word is what linguists call o.s.o., "of obscure origin."

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We call it the bathroom faucet.

What do the Irish call a bathroom?

Lethreas is the irish way of saying bathroom

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What do English people call the bathroom?

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