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Georgia O' Keefe's husband was Alfred Stieglitz.

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Georgia O'Keeffe married Alfred Stieglitz on December 11, 1924 in New Jersey.

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Alfred Stieglitz ,a photographer

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Q: Who is Georgia o' keeffes husband?
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What was Georgia o' keeffes favorite soda?

pepsi and root beer and 7up

Who inspired Georgia o' keeffe?

her husband alfed

Did Georgia o' keefe have kids?

no kids, her lover was her lifelong photographer husband.

Was Georgia O' Keefe have children?

Georgia O'Keeffe had no children, this was a decision made between herself and her husband, Alfred Stieglitz.

Where did Georgia O' keeffe died?

georgia o`keeffe died in new yourk

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What is the birth name of Georgia Lyman?

Georgia Lyman's birth name is Georgia O. Lyman.

Georgia o' keeffe?


Where did Georgia O'Keeffe go in her life?

georgia okeeffe spent a lot of time in new mexico with her husband

Who were Georgia O'Keeffes business partners?

Her husband who ran a gallery.

Was Georgia O'Keefe married?

Yes, her husband was Alfred Stieglitz.

Who was Georgia O' Keeffe seven children?

Georgia o'keeffe was a famous artist