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Artwork is defined as a piece of work that is visual. Some things that are true about artwork include sculptures and painting are classified as fine art.

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the most important aspect of balance is the use of color

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Q: Which of these statements is false with regards of artwork?
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In interpreting art personal experience and the feelings the artwork evokes are the guidespots that determine the value of a piece of art?


What is the difference between art-work and Artwork and artwork?

The main difference between artwork and work of art is that a work of art is generally held in higher regard than an artwork.

Compare contrast Egyptian artwork to mesopotamian artwork?

adik kau

What is an evaluation of an artwork?

The mechanics of how the artwork was made can be studied objectively but evaluation of the final composition is a subjective process.

Where are some excellent sites to sell your artwork at?

It depends on what media the artwork is. For two dimensional and digital pieces (and maybe three dimensional, I'm not 100% sure), there is a website called deviantART where you can sell your artwork as posters. You can also auction your artwork on eBay if you request a reasonable price.