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As a courtesy to Joe, I picked up his laundry. Would you count these papers as a courtesy to the teacher? As a courtesy to others, please turn off your cell phone in the restaurant. 'Courtesy to' is correct.

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Q: Which is correct courtesy to or courtesy from?
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How do you spell courtesy call?

That is the correct spelling of "courtesy call."

How would you describe correct courtesy and preferred greeting when using the telephone?

how would you describe correct courtesy and preferred greeting when using the telephone

How do you spell curticy?

The correct spelling is "courtesy" (politeness).

How do you spell the word curtious?

I believe you want the word courtesy. Examples: It is common courtesy to say Hello when encountering someone for the first time. His manners showed he was taught courtesy very well.

How do you spell courtesy?

That is the correct spelling of "courtesy" (politeness, or a complementary service).The similar word is curtsy (formal bow by a girl or woman).

How do you spell courtessy?

The correct spelling is courtesy (politeness, or a beneficial accommodation).

How do you spell salute?

The English word is "salute" (military courtesy). The spelling "salut" is a French greeting, or a Catalan phrase used as a toast.

How do you spell monsier?

The correct spelling for the French courtesy title is monsieur (my lord, mister, abbreviated M'sieur).

How do you spell hospitle?

The correct spelling is hospital (medical treatment facility).The similar adjective is "hospitable" (extending courtesy to guests).

Is courtesy a abstract noun?

Yes, the noun 'courtesy' is an abstract noun, a word for a behavior or an attitude.

Can you give me a sentence using the word courtesy?

Courtesy is politeness. His courtesy won him friends.

How do you say vice principal in french?

vice directeur (courtesy of ) ~Horsecrazie the correct answer is " directeur ajoint " i go to french school