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it is fuse number one in the interior fuse panel. it is a 15 amp fuse. should be located in the lower right corner of the fuse panel. the fuse panel itself is located under the left hand side of the instrument panel

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under the hood to the left under the hood to the left

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Q: Where is the fuse for the brake lights for 1992 econoline van?
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Which fuse is for brake lights on 2005 Ford Econoline?

Usually, the panel has fuses that are individually marked. This helps mechanics or automotive electricians know what each fuse is used for. On a 2005 Ford Econoline, the fuse for brake lights is fuse number 34.

Where is the fuse box located on a 1963 Econoline van How can I tell which one is for brake lights?

On the pickup version, it is under the dash on the driver's side.

What fuse do you used for a 1992 Plymouth Sundance brake lights?

20 amp square 2 prong fuse

1992 Honda Accord brake light fuse location?

Brake lights and horn on a 1992 Honda Accord are all wiring into the same fuse. The fuse is located inside the engine bay fuse box rated as a 20A fuse in slot 42.

What fuse is to be replaced when the Brake Lights don't work on an 89 Ford Econoline Blinkers Hazards and Park Lights work?

The problem might not be a fuse. There is a switch which activates the brake lights when the brake pedal is depressed. This switch is usually mounted under the dash, near the top of the brake pedal lever. Insure that this switch is free to move physically, and test it to see if it is switching electrically.

Brake lights wiring diagram Ford Aerostar?

which fuse triggers 1992 ford aerostar

Need the fuse to the brake lights on a 1992 Toyota tercel sedan?

mmmm... still thinking about it

All lights working except brake lights. Is there a brake light fuse?

There should be a fuse for the brake lights. If the fuse is good always check the ground wire.

1992 Lincoln town car No brake lights and will not go into gear after you star it?

Check for a blown brake light fuse ( in the fuse panel ) or the brake light switch at the brake pedal could be the problem. The brake light switch releases the shifter lock as well as operating the brake lights.

Where can you find a fuse box diagram for a Ford Explorer?

where is the fuse box locations on a 1992 ford explorer?

Chevy 1992 s10 pu no brake lights?

Check the bulbs, Check the fuse, Check the brake light switch, in that order.

What number fuse is for the brake lights on a 1999 vw passat?

what number fuse is for the brake lights on a 99 vw passat what number fuse is for the brake lights on a 99 vw passat