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On the air bag itself

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Q: Where is the air suspension height sensor located?
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Where are load leveler sensors located for 1999 Marquis?

Air suspension height sensor is under car, between the rear axle and the underside of the body.

Why does the rear of a 1997 ford expedition not lift even when the air suspension is running.?

Check the Height Sensor.

Where is the sensor for the air suspension in a 1994 Lincoln Continental?

the air suspension sensors for each air shocks are located on the top of each air strut, two in the trunk and the other two under the hood.

Where are the sensors for the air suspension compressor on a 2002 GMC Envoy?

if the unit has 4 wheel air suspension then the frt sensors are located on the lower frt control arm and on the rear control arms in the rear if it only has rear air suspension the sensor is located on the rear axle on the drivers side and is attached on the frame it is a very simple level sensor

Where are the height sensors for the air suspension system on a 1994 Lincoln Continental?

height sensors are usually located on the top of the air strut underneath the hood of the car. There may be a plastic cover over the sensor that holds all the wires in it that go to the vehicle, if you take it off you should see the sensor, cant miss it. in the trunk there is no covering so you should be able to get to it. hope this helps.

Can you adjust height on 1992 Lincoln Continental air suspension?

you have to have a special height sensor tool that can adjust it for you, go to the local parts store and see if they sell it, or if your lucky enough to have a friend that has one.

Why does Lincoln navigator air suspension not lift or raise the car?

Bad height sensor or air suspension compressor has died? If you hear the pump, then it might be the sensors. If there's nothing, could be a blown fuse or the system was swtiched off (switch in the trunk)

Where can you locate the height sensor on a 1997 Lincoln town car?

The sensor that tells the system if the air suspension is too high or low is located behind and above the axle and in front of the fuel tank. It is about the size of a ball point pen. It is attached to the car body and to a bar that moves with the axle.

What causes the air ride suspension to not deflate?

A faulty level sensor.

Where is the intake air temperature sensor located on infiniti fx 35?

the intake sensor located with the air flow sensor.

How do you make the air suspension on your Lincoln town car come back on?

there is an air suspension switch located in the trunk

Is the air suspension warning on a jaguar dangerous and what is it?

useally no if the suspension is at the normal ride height. Air Suspension fault is normally messaged if the reservoir doesnt reach 14 bar in 3 minutes due to a weak air suspension compressor

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