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You could probably find it at your local Martial Arts school.

Many Health Clubs have kick boxing classes as well.

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Q: Where can I find kickboxing classes?
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Are there any kickboxing classes for adults in the Tulsa, OK area?

Trinity Martial Arts is located in the Tulsa area and provides kickboxing classes. They are located at 8007 S Sheridan Rd Unit C, Tulsa - (918) 794-6392.

How young can you be to do kickboxing?

I think it depends what club. At my kickboxing club I couldn't join until the age of six.

Is kneeing someone legal in kickboxing?

kneeing is frobidden in kickboxing. It is allowed in K1-rules (but with no cllinch), and in muay thai.

Are there belt grades in kickboxing?

Kickboxing as a combat sport, no. Kickboxing as a Martial Art yes.

What are the two main types of kickboxing?

There are more than two types of kickboxing. The main ones are American and Thai, but in Thai there are several different kinds.

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Where can i take teen boxing or kickboxing classes in virgina 22015?

teen kickboxing classes in lynwood California

Does kickboxing have weight divisions?

Kickboxing weight classes are weight categories specific to the kickboxing discipline

Are kickboxing classes expensive to take?

Kickboxing classes for adults can be pricy, if your not willing to spend atleast $75 a month, then you wont be able to get classes of any real quality.

Does anyone know where in London you can start kickboxing classes?

In London there is a place called the Martial Arts Place and they offer kickboxing classes there. The London Wing Whun Academy also offers a kickboxing class.

Where in Seattle Washington can you find kickboxing classes for women?

Vision Quest Sport & Fitness is a gym in Seattle which offers kickboxing for women. It seems to offer a plethora of different classes as well with wonderful facilities and even a free trial pass!

What national gym chains offer kickboxing classes for women?

Some gym chains that include kickboxing classes for women include Bally Total Fitness, 24 Hour Fitness, and Gold's Gym. There may be specialized facilities in your area that solely teach kickboxing classes.

Are their any kickboxing classes for women in San Antonio Texas?

There are gyms and studios that offer kickboxing classes for women. Most classes are open for both men and women but they are often separate because of the intensity.

How often do you have to take kickboxing classes to see results?

Results from kickboxing classes vary from person to person depending on tons of variables. For instance results will vary based on your body type, metabolism, how much work you put into kickboxing, and how often you do it.

How to Find Kickboxing Classes?

You do not have to run a marathon to stay fit. Instead, one of the most fun and effective ways to stay in shape is to take kickboxing classes. This is a chance to increase your flexibility, endurance, and to improve your mind and body in a healthy way. The following are some great tips for how to find the most cost efficient and effective kickboxing classes in your area. Your local gym is a great place to look for kickboxing classes. They will no doubt have some of the best professionals in the business teaching classes here. While here, the instructors may even be able to teach you more about how your body works so that you can take what you learn at the gym and bring it home with you. Look to see if such classes are included in general gym costs or if there are discounts for students or working professionals. Try to look in your local newspaper if you want information about kickboxing classes. Individuals sometimes host classes in their homes or offer private courses. Check the classifieds section and you may find some great deals on kickboxing classes in your area. Often, schools, churches, and local non-profits will hold free or discounted kickboxing classes from time to time. Try to get on these mailing lists if you want the latest news about such courses or programs. Ask loved ones, too, if they or someone they know has taken such classes. You may hear about an instructor you’ve never heard about before. The more places you look, the better off you will be when it comes time to selecting kickboxing classes. You never know where you will secure the best prices or find the best instructor. Take the time to look around and you will no doubt begin to feel the burn, increase your flexibility, and can start to look and feel your very best!

Where can I participate in cardio kickboxing in Houston?

You could try checking at your local gyms or YMCAs, to see if they offer any kickboxing classes.

Where can you get kickboxing class for woman in Manhattan?

You can get kickboxing classes for women in Manhattan at any gym typically. You can also take yoga and cycling classes if you would like to try some of those too.

Where are there kickboxing classes available to a woman?

Most modern gyms offer kickboxing for women. Some examples of gyms that offer these classes are: Gold's, Lucille Roberts, Goodlife Fitness, Extreme Fitness, MVP. Also, check out the local YMCA - they often offer kickboxing classes for women, and usually have fairly low prices, too.