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To determine what year a Brother sewing machine is you use the letter and first number, which indicate the month and last number of the year. Brother sewing machines have coded serial numbers. The serial number B25139839 could have been made any year ending with the number 2 such as 1982. The owner manual would have a year. There are currently no serial numbers that start with a B.

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Q: What year is brother sewing machine serial number B25139839?
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What is a sentence for serial?

Example sentence - The machine had a serial number engraved on it.

What model of singer sewing machine is serial number 51K15?

51k15 Is the model number the serial number begins with a letter, with which you can date your machine at the singer website.

Where is the serial number located on a new Brother sewing machine?

As the location of the serial number varies between machines, if you have your specific model number, you can find this information in its service or instruction manual. If your machine is so old that Sears no longer offers it (, some manuals can be found for free on Also, PDF files of such manuals can also be purchased at numerous sites, such as the following:

What is the year of a Westinghouse new home sewing machine with a serial number 1172534-A?

This number is the style of the electric motor. The machine serial number is probably on the big flat machine base just below the electric motor

What year singer sewing machine with serial number AD588457?

The singer sewing machine with a serial number AD588457 was 1933, model 15. Made in Elizabeth, NJ.

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I have a new royal sewing machine made by the chicago sewing machine co. the serial no.. is384985

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What is the value of my Singer miniature see machine serial # 29962 ?

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What model of antique Singer sewing machine is serial number G9730255?

G9730255 is not a complete serial number for an antique Singer sewing machine. The serial numbers always start with two letters, which are used to identify the year they were made.

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